Everyone You Know EP

by Jolliff

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Recorded in the Spring of 2012 at Portsmouth Trinity Lutheran Church, Portland, Oregon.


released September 14, 2012

Mixed, mastered, & printed by Matt Huiskamp.
Designed by Carl-Eric Tangen.
Many thanks to James Jacobsen

Jolliff is Frank Canepa, Morgan Davie, Dustin Junkert, and Lucas Tomlinson.



all rights reserved


Jolliff Portland, Oregon

Jolliff is comprised of four friends who live upstairs in a Lutheran Church. Falling under the ever increasing banner of pop music, Jolliff finds a niche there with Andrew Bird, Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens and The Band. They seek to connect with their listeners through spirited melodies, changing structures and groove.

Jolliff lives and plays in Portland, OR.
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Track Name: Everyone You Know
My eyelashes are too long to wear my glasses
They squeeze in my head, slip down my nose
I take them off and live in a blur and say
“My god, you’re easy on the eyes”

I chased the sun right down to L.A. and left
As highway after highway
Grew sick of my unbelief
When I sleep I take all my sins with me

I should’ve been watching you
I should’ve offered you a little help

I take great care to amount to nothing
Or say anything good
Just to prove you wrong
Everyone you know is part of you

And when I wake up my dreams have forgiven me
And when I wake up my dreams can have me
And when I wake up my dreams have forgiven me
Track Name: Year of the Rabbit
What did the turtle say turning the final bend?
This doesn’t prove to anyone that I’m faster

Baby Moses, floating down the river asleep
You are the rabbit in a basket full of sun

The cheers thunder through the ground
As the turtle’s yawning through the finish line
Dear Miriam is on the run
To keep her brother in sight until he’s found

Now that you know you’re at home in the world
Don’t be so eager to wait
Now that you know there’s a reason
Does it make anything easy to take?
Track Name: Father
A crow spotted me perched up on a wire
He said “I’m on the cover of every holy book”
Come down from there
Together we discovered peace
And the inside of my jacket is layered in feathers
The whispers of wind make my bones dry
On my flannel parking lot
I lay until the dark has passed
I must remind myself everyday of a god.
I’m not healing even though, even though I’ve admitted my faults

When I’m out in plain sight
I get cold and tongue-tied
For now we store the alter-piece in the side yard
Where we watch the passersby praying beads
My father asks me, am I proud of him

I find moss filling in my ribs
Oh, we can barter and beg but we all pay by the mile
I prophesy into the clouds
I learn the laughing leaves, the sun’s yellow teeth
I can’t ever remember the words
So let’s see how much that we can live without

When I’m out in plain sight

I get cold and tongue-tied
For now we store the alter-piece in the side yard
Where we watch the passersby praying beads
The line to the sea grows like a fire
They’re waiting, waiting
The lightning’s softer than his eyes
They’re a maze of crossing lines
My father asks me, am I proud of him
Track Name: Coming Over the Mountains
Coming over the mountains
I’ve been lost for two months
Now I can see trees

Icicles on my face
There’s sand in my pockets
And a hole in my sound

That’s what I was

Friends, I am sorry
Our communication was blown by the wind
Antlers behind my ears
I’m a fish out of water
Sucking on air

That’s what I am

Jesus, Moses all went through the sand
Israel, disciples follow them

Conscious now in the river
Sweet life restored to me
And it’s dripping down my hands

Realizing our gift of faith
Love stronger than death
And tougher than hell is here

I see my breath in morning air
Track Name: Holy Fool
I used to be a theologian
Until You ruined me
I put my books in the closet
And gave my robe to charity

By the clear spring pool
I watched monks
Laugh and splash
They left their beds for the mountains
Painted their faces and howled in the breeze

Wake me up in the morning
So I know Your not only words
If it takes breaking ice on the lake
I’ll stand waist deep
Day after day after day

On my walk back home
Red Wing black birds perched on the wheat
You said tell them your will
I spoke Your name and they flew to the trees

Seen outside soaked waste high
With the wind freezing my cheeks
Face painted all sorts of colors
With a smile stretching off my face